How to save property from Fire? – Fire Safety Tips

House on Fire

We always trust that nothing can go wrong with us, by default. But experience proves us wrong!

Sometimes, somehow, somewhere THINGS do go wrong. We wish we had thought so earlier and had that sense of RISK COMPLEXITY which exists all the time.

Our homes, with all our loved ones in it, are so very precious.  But how do we predict a Fire and how can we save our Property from Fire.  And above all, how timely can we be?

Please focus on the following Fire Safety Tips:

The Fire Alarm System detects and notifies early signs of fire even before it starts. It can help us reduce the risk of injury or death as well as minimize damage to our property and consequent disruption.

Control Panel – The Control Panel is the heart of the system. All the detectors are connected to the panel via wired loops. The looping is such that if any detector faults out – the main panel will give a loop open or short signal. This enables us to know immediately when the Fire Alarm System is not functioning correctly.

Conventional Smoke Detector – The smoke detector senses the presence of smoke and warns us before the fire starts. These are mounted on ceilings and sometimes even above the ceiling for specific requirements. When it detects smoke an alarm gets generated through the hooter.

Conventional Heat Detector – The conventional heat detectors are designed with the state of the art combination of “Rate-of-Rise” and “Fixed-Temperature” operation ensuring the best quality of heat detection in all environments. In case of fire, an alarm gets generated through the hooter.

Manual Call Point – It is ideally placed at entrance or exit points. This is a manual alarm. When anyone spots a fire or smoke, one can break the glass cover of the Manual Call Point and an alarm is generated.

Response Indicator – A response indicator is a device that gives a remote visual indication of the fire alarm going off, if the detectors are placed in areas that are not visible and the alarm is not activated.

Hooter – Hooter is connected with the control panel. When a detector goes into an alarm condition, it communicates with the main control panel, which in turn activates the hooter and a siren is generated.

All these devices are available for use to protect our homes and offices against fire.

Let us use those 🙂


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