Fire Squad Fire Extinguishers and Fire Hydrants

Fire Extinguishers and Landing Valves

FIRE SQUAD ‘s  Fire Extinguishers and Fire Hydrant Range

Spectra Fire Systems offers a wide range of home fire extinguishers, Industrial Fire Extinguishers, Wheeled commercial Fire Extinguishers, Gun Metal Fire Hydrant (Landing Valves), Stainless Steel SS Landing Valves, Aluminium Landing valves (IS 5290), Hose Delivery Couplings in GM SS AL, Branch Pipe Nozzle and  home fire safety devices suitable to detect &  kill fire in no time. Fire Squad home fire extinguishers are easy to operate, with quality MAP 50/90 powder and are suitable for all classes of fire. Home Safety device range like Smoke Detectors, Gas Leak Detector, Fire Alarms ensure fire detection at a early stage.

Fire Squad is the only fire safety company in India which offers Stainless Steel fire extinguishers for home fire safety which extends the life of products.



We deliver products to all over India.

Beef up Fire Safety with the best Fire Squad Fire Safety Products

Safety is one of the primary concerns of every property owners. Everyone wants a living environment that is safe and secure for them and their families. With the implementation of the correct Fire Safety measures, it is very much possible for everybody to implement best safety in their homes. This requires a little research and smart purchasing and installing of the right home safety products. With the right products, you can achieve the peace of mind and tranquility that comes with a safe, secure home for your loved ones. Fire Safety products are abundantly available on the market, and come in many different types.

You are at place where you get the best, most high-performance and reliable products to choose from.

 At Spectra Fire, our range of Fire safety products is exhaustive and effective. Pay a visit to our online brand store and you are sure to find everything that you need to keep your home environment safe and secure for your family.

We have complete range of all Fire Protection and Fire Fighting Equipment-

Our Products range include:

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Accessories


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