Fire Squad Brand ISI Marked Landing Valve as Per IS: 5290

Fire squad fire hydrant - fire fighting equipment

Landing Valve (Fire Hydrant) as per IS : 5290-1993.

Fire Squad Brand’s landing valves are suitable for installation on Fire Fighting Systems (wet risers) in a building for firefighting purposes with permanently charged water from a pressurised supply. The landing valves are oblique type with flanged inlet and are manufactured as per IS: 5290-1993 of Bureau of Indian standard. Fire Squad Landing valve have 63 mm delivery hose outlet connection (Female Adapter outlet) and closed with blank cap. The landing valves are classified under low pressure and are suitable for use at nominal inlet pressure up to 14 bar.
Fire Squad Landing Valves (Fire Hydrant) are hydraulically tested at 21kgf/cm2 and at 14 kgf/cm2 for seat tightness test. Fire Squad Landing valves are tested to 900 litres per minute flowrate at 7kgf/cm2 pressure.

gun metal fire Hydrant landing Valve

Fire Squad Aluminium fire Hydrant landing Valve

Fire Squad SS Stainless steel fire Hydrant landing Valve

Fire Hydrant Features

• ISI Marked and CE certified
• Body material made of Gun Metal or Stainless Steel or Aluminium.
• Hand wheel material made of grey cast iron.
• Blank cap material made of Plastic.
• Possible to replace the gland seal when under pressure with the valve fully closed.
• Disc facing rubber is of replaceable type.
• The hand wheel is BLACK painted, body to RED and other parts are polished.


Model No.SFS-FF-01
Brand Fire Squad
ISI Marked – IS – 5290- 1993,
Valve Type Oblique, Flanged
Inlet Pressure Rating
Low Pressure
Valve Nominal Size Inlet : 80 mm, Outlet : 63 mm
Working Pressure 14 Bar Maximum
Water Tightness Test Pressure Valve Seat Test at 14 kgf/cm2
Hydraulic Pressure Test

Body test at 21 kgf/cm2
Water Flow Rate More than 900 LPM at 7 Kgf/cm2 pressure


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