Consider Fire Safety At Work

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Fire Safety At Work – Is your workplace safe?


Are you working in a place which does not have a Fire Exit Plan? Is Fire Safety  at workplace is compromised by having a few Fire extinguishers hanging around here and there but never been serviced for years?

It seems like most companies  always put Fire Safety at the bottom of their ”Most Urgent to do list”.

It is the employees that should use their forums to highlight such matters to the Management  and get it fixed on priority.

Fire Extinguishers are the most accessible devices available in case of an outbreak of a fire. If we have a right one handy at a right time, we could prevent the spark from becoming a blaze. We should understand its working, so that we know how to use it, if required.

We should also have a Person First Aid Kit so that if there is any injury, we call do the first aid before Doctor takes over.

With a wide range of fire safety products available, we can easily manage fire safety at reasonable budgets.

So then people, is it really worth putting lives at risk and your hard earned business for the sake of today’s prices?  Fire Safety is the most important thing whether it is around the home or within a company.

Please Don’t wait till it’s too late!!!

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