Difference between landing valve and fire hydrant (With Pictures)


Landing Valve and Fire Hydrant

Major Difference between Landing Valves and Fire Hydrants

Difference between landing valve and fire hydrant is: the term ‘Hydrant valves’ was used to describe the valves fitted on the Hydrant stand posts in such systems and The name ‘Landing valves’ were used to describe valves for firefighting provided on Risers in buildings. Both terms landing valve and fire hydrant actually refer to the same type of valve, though the term ‘Landing valve’ is more associated with building applications. Landing valves are typically located in Staircase landings to allow easy access to Fire fighters. Hence, the name ‘Landing valve’ came to be associated with these type of valves in buildings. As firewater systems for municipal/ industrial applications are typically called hydrant systems, and Opening valves used in that systems is call fire hydrants.

Here is a picture showing difference in landing valve and fire hydrant :

Landing Valve
Landing Valve -Single Outlet – ISI Style -Indian Standard


Fire Hydrant international Standard
Yard hydrant / Fire Hydrant in Other Countries (International Standards)




Fire Hydrant is also known as yard hydrant in many countries. Image shown above for international style is not used in India. instead of sing this international style Hydrant We use Standpost type fire hydrant in India.

Difference between Single or Double headed Hydrant valve and double headed hydrant post with hydrant valves?

A double headed hydrant valve consists of a common inlet and body with two outlets. This will have two bonnets, stems and wheels. Double headed hydrant valves were earlier being used where higher flows were required due to severe hazards i.e. you could connect two hoses from the double headed hydrant.

Double fire hydrant -landing valve isi


Single headed hydrant valves are standard hydrant valves with a single inlet and single outlet.

Single Headed stand post fire hydrant

A double headed hydrant post is fitted with two separate single hydrant valves, allowing two hoses to be connected from the same hydrant post.

Double Headed Standpost -Fire Hydrant

Due to the larger body of double headed hydrant valves, there are safety concerns, and nowadays, double hydrant posts with two separate single hydrant valves are used instead.

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