Buy Fire Extinguisher for your Home, Office and Workplace

Buy Fire Extinguisher for Friends and family

Do you have a question in your Mind like:

Why do I need  to buy Fire Extinguisher??

You think you don’t need to buy a portable fire extinguisher in your home or office. Well read on.

A portable fire extinguisher is an absolute necessity in any home, office or Workplace.

It’s like an insurance policy. You may never need it but when you do, it could end up saving your home and even your life.

Did you know that 95% of the time a portable fire extinguisher is used, it puts out the fire – typically within the first 2 minutes?

When fires are extinguished in the early stages:

● Loss of life is minimal. 93% of all fire related deaths occur once the fire has progressed beyond the early stages

● Direct property damage is minimal. 95 % of all direct property damage occurs once the fire has progressed beyond the early stages.*

*Source of data, National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) In 2007 according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Fire Loss:

● 3,430 civilians lost their lives as a result of fire

● 84% of all civilian fire deaths occurred in residences

● Fire killed more INDIAN than all natural disasters combined

With the right type of fire extinguisher, you can often extinguish or contain a fire before it becomes a major blaze. But to effectively fight a fire, you must be prepared with the right type of extinguisher, have it readily available, and know how to use it properly (during a fire is not the time to read the directions). Failure to be properly prepared to extinguish a fire not only reduces the chances of containing the blaze, but may also place you in an extremely hazardous situation. All household extinguishers are classified A, B, or C (or a combination of these) on the label to indicate which types of fires — ordinary combustibles, flammable liquids, or electrical—you can use them on. Many of the ones sold at home stores are classified A:B:C and fight all three types of fires. Get this type because you don’t know what type of fire you may face.

“The NFPA recommends an extinguisher for each floor of your home.”

Other experts recommend mounting a portable fire extinguisher in the kitchen, garage and workshop. And fire safety experts continue to promote the benefits of portable fire extinguishers as part of a complete and balanced approach to fire protection. In general, building codes require portable fire extinguishers in all apartment buildings – which are nothing more than clusters of homes.

If the families in apartment homes should be protected, shouldn’t you and your family have equal protection in your home? Still think you don’t need a portable fire extinguisher in your home?

Check with your loved ones.


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